In that new post I desire to describe how I feel myself when I was gone to Russia, the land of snow, Gazprom and Ruble. I was only 16 when I visited that beautiful land, I remember that I was very anxious cause I had made my passport only to go there and I need a Visa: passport + Visa means more than 30 days of waiting time before departure. It was the far 2009 year, I was very busy with the school and when the summer finally arrives I decide to choose as targert for holiday my favorite city: Moscow. I had tell to no one that I love Russia, usually at my age people love’s USA and I love they too, but Moscow have some irrestistible and inexplicable charm that have always attracted me.  In August 2009 I was departed to Russia to saw Moscow and St. Petersburg on the west of the Urals, my mother was a little bit worried cause it was my first travel out of Italy and Russia is far, terribly far in her mind. I stayed in Moscow 10 days and 10 in St. Petersburg: I’m thankful to this experience cause in ten days I had learned to read, more or less, the russian alphabet and now I may read short and easy words or phrases.

I had saw the Red Square with the Kremlin and then the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral. Since I was a child I had always dreamed to see the St. Basil’s Cathedral it’s colorful and very out of architectural order but not kitsch: it’s like a fantasy design of a child. The Red Square is big like Times Square, I feel me in the middle of the immensity but it’s not bad it’s a nice sensation, really relaxing. I love the geometrical perfection of the Moscow rings that wrap the border of the city center, they are 6 streets loops around the city and they divide the city distristicts like many Matrioskas one in each others. I stayed at the Hotel Ukraina that is in one of the Seven Sisters: they are 7 skyscrapers made following one of the most fameous project of classical socialist architectural style. The most fameous Sister: Moscow State University in Sparrow Hills it is the most big of the buildings and in front of it there are a long parkway bordered by a meadow and a lake, it seems the Champs Elysees.  Two of they are governative Sisters: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Red Gates Administrative Building (now Politecnical Museum) and others two are appartaments . Then I pass two days at the Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel (another Seven Sisters) cause in the Ukraina there are rooms only for 8 days and then I have to change hotel, by the way it is an historical landmark of Moscow and I desire to feel me a part of the history of the city. Intresting to know is that the Leningradskaya Hotel is in the World Guinness Record cause in the staircase it has the longest lighting fixtures in the world! I discover also that this architectural style has inspired many buildings in the ex URSS States ( CCCP for russians cause they read the C like S and the P like R ). I saw a beautiful painting of Matisse at the Puskin Museum and then I went to the GUM shopping center. The last day I had visited the Kremlin’s park one of the first urban park of Moscow, the Duma was very near behind me, I was in the hearth of Russia!

I arrived in St. Petersburg (St. Pete for many people) at 12:30 p.m. and incredible in the sky there was the sun like during the day, I had the posibility to admire the Sun of Midnight or the White Night a natural phenomenon that happens during the summer when the sun is visible for the full 24 hours, but only on the polar regions or in the zone near the poles. For the people that aren’t used to sleep with a 24 hours sun it’s difficult to asleep: the next morning I felt myself like a broiler chiken (they are always waked up to make eggs: it’s an hard life if you can’t sleep). By the way I had make a stroll in the city center, no place are open cause it was the Navy Anniversary Day. After that I went to Starbucks cause it never betray me: it’s the only open place in the city. I passed the week end visiting two palaces: one in the Gulf of Finland and called Peterhof that is inspired by Versailles and another called Catherine Palace in the Tsarskoye Selo town. I had saw the Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace and I visited the Peter and Paul Fortress with the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. In St. Petersburg there are also others three beautiful church: the golden-domed Saint Isaac’s Cathedral with a big dome on its top, the Church of the Savior on Blood that seems the St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kazan Cathedral with the design of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.