I desire to dedicate this post to my first travel in the United States. I remenber that it was the first time that I was a little bit relaxed about the travel, usually, or better always, I’m so exited and too stressed but in my first American trip I feel myself like I’m thinking at home because I feel US as a second home. I’m not scared about the language barrier because I think that the American people are very helpful with the foreigner, the people in US are so gentle and friendly.

When I was arrived at the JFK Airport the first thing that I have done was to drink a venti sized FRAPPUCCINO. A rebirth from a long plane travel…that’s the flavour of the America! During my week in NYC I have seen many famous places: Ellis Island, Times Square, the Empire and the Chrysler Buildings, the Brooklyn Bridge and the rock star of the city: THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. I have drunk in many Starbuks, I think that I have drunk more than 20 FRAPPUCCINOS (they are more than 2 for day) . Then I was moved to Hamptons, only one afternoon because I didn’t like it so much, there was too many people, too many chaos and too many sun. I think that the house on the beach are like the San Francisco’s houses. After that I had catch the plane and I was gone to Orlando for the weekend, I was gone to Disneyland I love the Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom, it’s soo magnificient and it makes me dream to be a princess (then I wake up myself and I remember that I detest the shallow and vain girl). After a ride in the Disneyland rotating Cups, I love the big tea cups, I was moved to Miami to catch the plane and go home. During the street I stopped in the Everglades City to see the famous American Alligators, it seems a rock because it’s always immobile, too strange…Florida it’s an intresting place: there are alligators, pumas, frogs, big butterflies, intresting orchideas and others plants. Finally I was gone in Hovercraft, it was an experience that I will always remember, fantastic, unusual and exiting. Wow full of adrenalin! Finally I was arrived in Miami: a rush in the Ocean Drive, the most vintage place in the world. I love the retro style and the 50s years cars that characterize the that street. I desire to make a bath in the ocean but the plane was taxiing and I must to run and jump in the Jumbo that send me at home. The jet engine are switching on and I’m are going far lfrom the US ike the plane from the earth.

Times Square in the Big Apple

Ocean Drive in Miami

The Rotating Cups attraction in Disneyland Orlando