I had always loved the Art Nuveau style, and I had visited the Tiffany’s world biggest collection in Winter Park (Florida) at the Museum Charles Hosmer Morse of American Art. One of the most important rappresentative of that style was A. Mucha.

During that frosty days, in Palazzo Reale in Milan we can appreciate the operas of one of my favourites painters: the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. He’s important not only for the Art Nuveau but also because he was the author of many, many poster ads. He was the precursor of a new kind of language: the powerful visual art of advertising. I was always be interested in marketing and advertising possibilities because is a parto of my economical and legal formation and I think that one person must always learn additionsl information about her or his culture. We are never full of information and we may alwys be better at work useing our new acquired competence and abilities, so on last Sunday I decided to go to explore on side of marketing: the history of the evolution of the ads, now we have ads on pc (Pay per Clic), on tv, on radio, on newspapers, on DVDs, in cinemas, in streets etcc.. but how is made the marketing in the past? Only via paper, in big posters. So why not to go out and hang on at the new Palazzo Reale exhibit?

Do you remember the Jobs rolling papers for cigarettes ads? Two of the most famous of that ads are made by Mucha. But he also advertise the Abadie cigarettes rolling paper’s.

But this isn’t the most important Mucha’s add because he made the official poster for the 1904 Word’s Fair: the Louisina Purchase International Exhibition that was made in Saint Louis.


The poster of many famous theater opera’s are made by the Czech artist. He also use his drawing competence for the music concert’s ads. He advertise many times the theather operas with ones of his favourite models/acrtess: Sarah Bernhard when she played her role in the Théâtre de la Renaissance companies in Paris during her debut and the Mucha advertisment’s debut.

MUCHA 1mucha teheter1

He advertise with his beautiful and delicates womens models many common products like cookies, beer, champagne, wines, choccolate, milk, soap, perfumes, bycicles, detergent for clothes ecc… But not at all he advertise also the famous Monaco Monte Carlo hotel and casinò.

He was promoter of a new type of visual art, an art with a subject that communicate a message to the observer. His poster were the most uncommon and diffused at his time, the female model on they became icons not only a way to communicate the promotional message.

Also today we may clearly distinguish his style and his works from others that are only similar to his style or inspired by the Art Nuveau period.

The exhibition in Palazzo Reale for me was good, it has 220 operas of Mucha and was organized by Karel SRP e Stefania Cretella it officially started on 10th of December and will close on 20th of March 2016 I had visited it on 13th of December but I think that I will come back to Palazzo Reale to visit it one more time on next months…


From New York City to Los Angeles, America’s greatest cities are home to some of the world’s most breathtaking works of art. No, we’re not talking about masterpieces housed in museums like the Met or the Getty, though they are undoubtedly beautiful in their own right. We’re talking about the impressive feats of visual splendor plastered on the empty walls and underpasses of your hometowns. We’re talking about street art.

Street artists have been breaking up the monotony of urban meccas for decades, beautifying the bare spaces of the public realm with their particular brands of color and design. Instead of oil paint or marble, artists like Shepard Fairey and Swoon reach for cans of spray paint, wheatpastes and stencils, proving masterpieces exist outside the halls of fine art galleries too.

While it’s true that many cities have encountered their fair share of conflict with graffitists in the past, American audiences have largely embraced the world of open air art. From major museum exhibitions to the celebritization of street art stars, the genre has become a welcome form of ephemeral creativity and artistic innovation.

It has its own community of experienced critics and scholars, like the experts at Brooklyn Street Art, Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington, who write regularly about the “the power of street art to reface, re-contextualize, re-energize and re-imagine a building and its place in the neighborhood.”

In celebration of America’s thriving subculture of street artists, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest art that can’t be found in a museum. Whether they’re temporary or permanent, penned by an anonymous maker or a household name, behold: the stunning artworks lurking on the corners of U.S. cities.

New York, NY

Chicago, IL

Philadelphia, PA

Baltimore, MD

Miami, FL

Seattle, WA

Los Angeles, CA

Austin, TX

Indianpolis, IN

Boston, MA

Denver, CO

Washington, DC

San Francisco, CA

Atlanta, GA

Phittsburgh, PA

St. Louis, MO

Cleveland, OH

Portland, OR

Detroit, MI


Some graffities are inspired by their neighbourhoods artists that you can find in museums, some of they are Mucha, Hokusai, Monet and Dalì.

Canadian, Montreal-based artist-run A’shop Crew is a production company that specializes in graffiti murals, street art and urban aesthetics that are bright, bold, and takes inspiration from its surroundings. Although their roots are in old-school graffiti, they love giving their artwork a modern spin, such as “a swanky granny wilding on the Main and rocking a graffiti dress” at the corner of Pine and St-Laurent street, which was their entry during the recent Mural Festival held in Montreal.
Another inspired piece is the ‘Our Lady of Grace’ mural for the Notre-Dame-De-Grace neighborhood. Less graffiti and more fine art, it was inspired by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, and took the team a whopping 16 hours to complete.

This is the revisited Mucha inspired by the Four Art

And these are the original opera by Mucha that is a combo of four subject paintings: Dance, Poesis, Music and Painting.

On left Dance. On right Poesis

On left Music. On right Painting


Risultati immagini per GREAT WAVE HOKUSAI

This is the first of a series of 6 posts about one of the most beautiful kind of art: the street art! Graffiti, murales, walls paintings, all of they are public and free to see. In the past they usually are classified like action of vandalism but now they are revaluated and used to revisited some depressed and problematic suburbs or areas like in the city of: Berlin, London, Rome, Philadelphia, Pittsbourgh. Or to rapresent and publicize some artistics and cultural events like in Treviso.

The street art world has undergone a massive shift in the past few years, with famous figures like Banksy and Shepard Fairey elevating the medium to mainstream consciousness. What was once a clandestine act of art vandalism is now, more often, a celebrated form of public art, popping up in major metropolises across the globe. “Street art and graffiti is ephemeral, transitory, a moment in time,” the experts at Brooklyn Street Art assert, emphasizing the contemporary allure of graffiti and street art.

With summer upon us, and months of travel opportunities on the horizon, we’ve put together a guide of the top cities around the world that prove street art is indeed a thing to be celebrated. From Brazil to France to Taiwan, these urban centers play home to works by street art stars like Nunca, Blu and the late P183. So if you’re in the mood for a cross-continental trip, these are the 26 cities you need to add to your travel bucket list now.

A spray-painted image or unnamed sculpture are the modern street artist’s ghostly footprints on the world at large.

We can thank figures like the elusive graffiti king Banksy for the mysterious aura of the contemporary urban artist. When the Bristol-born street artist’s Poundland painting was chopped from the wall to be sold at auction, UK locals were outraged.

But just as London claims Banksy as their clandestine hero, cities across the world have trumpeted their own national street artists. Bologna-based artist Blu is the face of Italy’s street art, and in Buenos Aires, where street art is legal with permission, Argentine graffiti master Martin Ron reigns supreme.

This summer, instead of staying inside a museum all day, why not take to the streets to see art? From Los Angeles’ iconic Shepard Fairey works to Icy and Sot in Iran, we take you across the globe on an international tour of truly unique graffiti.

Immagine correlataRisultati immagini per GREAT WAVE HOKUSAI

Now that art is incorpored in the modern culture and is used for good purposes and is apreciated by many people, as you may saw in the two pictures upthere one is the original painting of Hokusai (on the right) and the second (on the left) is the revisited version of The Great Wave made by a street artist and they are aqually beautifull but they are made in two different eras, they are far in time but near in style, different in paintings style but egual in beautifull.

This summer, instead of staying inside a museum all day, why not take to the streets to see art? Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia, Middle East, everywhere there are modern painters that are far from the past artists like the impressionist and others painters but also they are artists, so downthere I have listed the most beautiful cities to visit for see the street art from an extract of an article of the Huffington Post. From Los Angeles’ iconic Shepard Fairey works to Icy and Sot in Iran, take a look across the globe on an international tour of fantastic unique graffiti.

1. BERLIN, Germany.

2. SAO PAULO, Brazil.

3. MELBOURNE, Australia

4. CAPE TOWN, South Africa.

5. MOSCOW, Russia

6. LISBON, Portuagal

7. LOS ANGELES, California

8. BOGOTA, Colombia

9. DUBLIN, Ireland

10. LONDON, United Kingdom

11. SANTIAGO, Chile

12. TAPEI, Taiwan

13. BRISTOL, United Kingdom

14. NEW YORK, New York

15. MEXICO CITY, Mexico

16. PRAGUE, Czech Republic

17. PARIS, France

18. MONTREAL, Canada

19. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina

20. PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania


22. BANGKOK, Thailand

23. GDANSK, Poland

24. RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil

25. ISTANBUL, Turkey

26. BETHLEM, Palestine