Here I have uploaded a table with a world map an a list with the city where there are Starbucks Coffee. Actually there are stores in 69 countries and territories around the world. This file will be changed when the Starbucks Company will open more store in new places.



I had also added these files that may help you to order your mugs and to control the status of your collection. Click on the PDF to download the files.

UIG_Manual_V2_140920 UIG_V2.2_Masterlist


     Starbucks first store in Pike Place Market

  Starbucks at Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai



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    Carry oon the great work!

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    • Thank you for your appreciation, it means a lot for me to have my posts and pages highly considered as valuable content.
      I will definitely keep updating by adding new content and posts.
      Thank you your comment is extremely important for me.

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