The amazing tree called cherry originate in the Himalayas and then they are introduced in Japan were they became a symbol of the Empire of the Sun and of its traditions and culture. The Japanese call it Sakura season in English is spring the season when the cherry tree bloom. In Japan there is a long and old cultural tradition around the cherry trees and their flower because they are identified as symbols of spring and rebirth after the cold winter. There are over 600 varieties of cherry trees grown today and strange but true the flowering cherry does not produce edible cherries as we know them: they produce a small sour fruit that birds go crazy for, it’s edibles also by human but it has a flavor very far from the cherries.

Sometimes nature surprises and the trees bloom earlier or later than expected. I listed some of the most famous festival located in North America, some of the festivals below have flexible dates so that visitors can see the cherry blossoms at their full bloom that grant you an all senses experience. The blossoms come in a variety of pinks and whites shades and give off a beautiful fragrance to your noses.


Washington D.C. is as famous for its cherry blossom festival as an American version of the Hanami in Japan, you can admire more than 3,000 sakura, received in 1912 as a gift from the mayor of Tokyo Ozaki, today they lined the Tidal Basin and the Washington Mall they also surround the Jefferson Memorial near the Basin and they cornered the landscape of the Washington Memorial. The city has celebrated the blossom every year since then at the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Taking place over six weeks between March and April, the festival includes a parade, live music and the visitors can enjoy the Blossom Kite Festival and a grandiose parade that takes place on the Constitution Avenue. Tune into Blossom Cam to see the trees as they change daily. This is one of thebiggest cherry blossom festivals in the country.

The cherry blossom trees currently grow in three National Park Service locations: around the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park, in East Potomac Park (Hains Point), and on the Washington Monument grounds.

#02. BETHESDA, Maryland, USA

A great alternative to the crowded Tidal Basin is a short drive outside of city in the neighborhood area of Kenwood. Historical houses sit elegantly as a backdrop to mature cherry trees that create a solid canopy along the streets. For the lovers of the photography this grant a beautiful location to get some shots. The oldest cherry tree in the neighborhood is 90 years old.

#03. VIENNA, Virginia, USA

Another location just outside of Washington DC that can be paired with the Bethesda and the Washington D.C. blooming if you want to travel in the area and have enough time to spend there the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens have cherry trees surrounding the lake near the entrance to the park as well as walking paths that become solid pink when the petals fall. This can be a good diversion to the crowd in the city.

#03. BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA

Usually ignored Boston is a good choice to see some cherry tree if you are or liver in Massachusetts. You’ll find the highest concentration of cherry trees in the section of the Charles River Esplanade bordering Back Bay, roughly between the Fiedler Footbridge (off Arlington Street) and the Mass Ave access ramp.


Obviously you didn’t expect that in this Georgia city they proudly present no less than 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees, so it’s definitely a must see destinations for those who’re searching for sakura. It all started when Mr. Fickling Sr. was walking around in his yard and noticed a tree growing that he couldn’t identify. He asked everyone he knew about the tree but no one could provide him any answers. Several years later he was in Washington D.C. on a business trip and spotted what he thought was the same green creature. After bringing home a branch cut he was able to confirm his suspicions. It was a Yoshino cherry tree! He then learned to propagate the Yoshinos and began giving them away. The Fickling family has since then gifted 6,500 trees that have been distributed by The Cherry Blossom Festival and Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission. The Cherry Blossom Trail takes you through the 12 historic districts of the city where you’ll see thousands of flowering trees. Festival take place on early March usually. The locals like to call this festival “the pinkest party on Earth”. Visitors can enjoy a street party as well as a fireworks show and to see the beautiful “balloon glow” a nighttime show that includes illuminated paper hot air-balloons like the ones used in Japan for the lanterns festival.


Music City has a 4-mile loop lined with cherry trees that bring you through Sylvan Park and then back through the historic Richland-West End neighborhood. You will see the Yoshino trees bloom in early April and the Kwanzan trees bloom late April after the threat of frost is over. So prepare yourself to a beautiful symphony of flowers.

#06. ST. LOUIS, Missouri, USA

Be sure not to miss the weeping Higan cherry trees which display long sweeping branches covered in blush colored blossoms at the Missouri Botanical Garden. There are 40 of them as well as Yoshino, Twenty Centennial, and Sargent varieties of tree all throughout the park, particularly in the Japanese Garden. An admission ticket with a fee around 12$ is needed for adults, childs enter for free.


The first year the trees were planted in Fairmount Park was 1926. Another 1,000 trees have being added to date. Over time, it has turned into the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia 9-day festival that includes a Silent Auction and a Japanese Culture Week, all of that taking place in April from 1 to 9. This festival truly celebrates Japanese culture including Japan’s traditional ohanami: parties underneath the blooming trees with entertainment, food, and drink. Festival has an admission ticket of 10$ for adult and it’s free entrance for children under 12 so it’s a great event for the families that desire to see the Fairmount Park and add some Japanese things to their culture.


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s annual cherry blossom festival is called Sakura Matsuri and in 2017 will be on its 36th edition. Taking place over the course of a weekend, the festival includes over 60 events and various performances that celebrate the mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. Though cherry trees typically only live 30-40 years, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden has two of the oldest living cultivars in the country. At the north end of Cherry Walk, you will find two weeping Higan cherries. There are at least 26 species and cultivars of the flowering cherry in the garden’s collection so if you have only a little bit of time use it to make a stroll into the park in spring enjoy a gorgeous and quiet moment of flowers in bloom. The Garden website offers a map that depicts what stage of bloom each tree is in and even offers detailed information about the species of trees. There’s also history to be found at Cherry Tree Park, renamed from the George Washington Houses Playground, as a symbol of the late president’s honesty when confronted by his father for cutting down his prized tree on a whim. The park is now maintained by volunteers in the neighborhoods.

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The Garden State has more cherry trees than Washington D.C. I mean it’s the Garden State! There are more than 4,000 Japanese cherry trees in Branch Brook Park, which runs through Belleville and Newark cities. You can take a stroll on your own through the park or attend the Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival that lasts for two weeks ands give you the possibility to enjoy the Japan atmosphere.

#05. PORTLAND, Oregon, USA

Find the blooming flowers at the Portland Japanese Garden and along the bank of the Willamette River at the Japanese American Historical Plaza. It was dedicated in 1990 as a memorial to those who were interned during WWII so you can pair the flower with an historical landmark that give to your travel an accent of history experience. In Japanese tradition, the landscape is used to tell a story. Here cherry trees create a backdrop to exploring history thru engraved poetry and bronze relief. It is very evocative and touching.


In addition to the Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival, the city has some mature cherry trees you shouldn’t miss! The University of Washington has 30 Yoshino cherry trees that were relocated from the Arboretum in the 1960’s. Seward Park has trees that were donated in 1929 by Japan. You can find the oldest cherries in the city at Jefferson Park. They were planted in 1912 and another 25 were planted to mark the park’s 100 year anniversary.


All the cherry action in San Francisco takes obviously place in Japantown, one of the only three remaining Japanese enclaves in the country. Cherry trees are easy to spot along the pedestrian mall, while the festival takes place for two weeks, usually from April 9-10 to April 16-17 when the final parade take place on April 17th around midday, the festival includes performances on the koto (a Japanese musical instrument), and visitors will also have the opportunity to attend classical and folk dance performances to enjoy the Japan culture. The cherry trees start blooming in the meadows of Golden Gate Park in mid-March but keep an eye on the ones in the Tea Garden. They are spectacular and were originally planted as a ‘Japanese Village’ exhibit in 1894 for the California Midwinter International Exposition so they have a long and interesting history. The Tea Garden is one of the most popular attractions in the city and cherry blossom season is the best season to enjoy its beauty.

#05. LOS ANGELES, California, United States of America

The largest collection of cherry trees in Los Angeles is in the San Fernando Valley where you can enjoy a view of over 1,000 pink cloud cherry blossom trees in the Lake Balboa / Anthony C. Beilenson Park off Balboa Boulevard. This is the place to be in the springtime for a little bit of peace and quiet amid the city if you are in the area.


There are several events held on the Big Island about the Sakura tradition but Waimea has the largest collection of trees of all the islands, festival take place Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017 at 9 am – 3 pm.

#07. SAKURA DAYS JAPAN FAIR IN VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

Canada also received the cherry trees that bloom every spring as gift, this time from the Mayors of Kobe and Yokohama. Vancouver houses no less than 500 cherry trees planted in Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Kitsilano Beach Park, and on West 22nd Avenue. They hold one of the youngest cherry blossom festivals, starting to celebrate the sakura in 2005. The celebration includes a Cheery Jam, which is a downtown lunchtime concert.

Japan, it turns out, is very generous with its blossom gifts and gave the city of Vancouver a whopping 37,000 cherry trees. These tend to reach their peak in mid April and, since 2006, the city has celebrated with a Cherry Blossom Festival starting at the end of March. Art performances, film screenings and a haiku ( a kind of poem that has seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, and has its origins in Japan, it is generally focused on traditionally evoking images of the natural word that combine natural elements and sentiments) competition make up the entertainment and at night the trees are hung with paper lanterns and create a magnificent atmosphere.

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Hi boys and girls! Today’s post is dedicated to the most common of beauty that we can see in nature in these days: the cherry tree blooming! Many of us think that we can saw that magnificent landscapes only in Japan but this isn’t right! We can see the tree blooming also in Europe, North America and obviously in Far East especially in Japan but not only. I will made three posts about the principal areas where we can go to admire the cherry flower, in this one I will write the top places in Europe, in the next one the top places in North America and in the third the top places in Far East. After that I wil dedicate one post to the Hanami in Japan. In Europe I had personally see many of the listed location because I travelled a lot all along the Europe so I can grant that they are all goiods location for those that won’t or can’t go too far for time or logistics reason for example. Remember location is not in order of preference.

#01. PARIS, France (location visited)

  • Near the Tour Eiffel in the Parc du Champs de Mars
  • In the Notre Dame Cathedral 
  • In the Tuileries Gardens near the Louvre
  • And 30 minutes or so out of the city at the Japanese Garden Jardin Albert Kahn

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#02. LONDON, United Kingdom (location visited)

  • Kew Gardens one of the best locations in London but need an admission ticket.
  • Kensington Gardens there’s no ticket and the garden have many species of cherry tree near the Albert memorial.
  • Regent’s Park located at the end of the Avenue Gardens in the south of the park.
  • And in the near area but a little bit out of London Greenwich Park from the rose garden on the hill near the observatory.

#03. BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom

  • In Birmingham you can go to Oozells Square, outside the Ikon Gallery. There is a Japanese Zen Garden. The flowers of cherry trees are very nice.
  • Also in Cannon Hills Park there are a lot of cherry trees in a nice park with a pond.

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#04. EDINBURGH, United Kingdom

  • Located in the Princes St. Gardens Edinburgh. they make the city really beautiful.
  • A little bit out of the city in the Meadows there are cherry trees in Jawbone Walk just a few hundred yards from the city center.

#05. CARDIFF, Uinited Kingdom

  • Cherry tree cn be admired also in the Alexandra Gardens that are rich in flowers and trees, placed between Edward VII Avenue and Museum Avenue.

#06. BONN, Germany (very recommended location that I visited)

  • Here is one of the most famous street bordered with cherry trees, located on Nordstadt neighbourhood Heerstraße street also known as Cherry Blossom Avenue create a pink tunnel when in bloom every April. The trees were planted in the 1980’s and have become the focus of many photographs since that day. The street is a very near from Beethoven’s House so tourists heading there anyway and walking in this street is something you have to try.

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#07. HAMBURG, Germany (location visited) 

  • The Kirschblutenfest is a festival dedicated to Japan, it begins in May and the ticket is around €29. Hamburg was given hundred cherry trees in the 1960s. Fireworks and parties are organized in Japanese style.

#08. BERLIN, Germany (location visited)

  • Marzahn-Hellersdorf is a green area in Berlin. Garten der Welt has theme gardens from the Orient, Asia and Europe.

#09. HASSELT, Belgium

  • Here you have the largest Japanese Garden of Western Europe, built about 20 years ago, in Hasselt. Waterfalls, a temple small streams and cherry trees. A place of peace, calm and serenity.

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#10. COPENHAGEN, Denmark

  • Again another japan style festival, the Sakura Festival takes place in Copenhagen around April 26 to 27. Great opportunity to enjoy the asia culture in a cold northern city like the capital of Denmark.

#11. KAPOSVAR, Hungary

  • Kaposvar is a nice city in spring and there are also magnolia trees blooming in addition to the cherry trees.

#12. STOCKHOLM, Sweden

  • Kungsträdgården or ‘King’s Park’ is one of Stockholm’s most beautiful park thanks to the many cafees with their patios and its nice location in the city center. It’s also home to the city’s biggest collection of pink blossom trees – 63 lining two boulevards that bloom in a pink explosion of flowers and perfumes between mid-to-late April. On April 16th, Stockholm will celebrate its annual Cherry Blossom Day with a festival organised in partnership with the Japanese government to celebrate the official opening of spring

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#13. AMSTELVEEN, Netherlands

  • Cherry Blossom Park is a real gem of oriental beauty. There are many Japanese people who live Amstelveen. In 2000, the Japan Women’s Club donated 400 cherry blossom trees to the city, 200 with japanese females names and the other half with dutch females names. You can find them at Amsterdam Wood, a big park that borders the cities of Amstelveen and Amsterdam.

#14. MADRID, Spain (location visited)

  • Also the hot and sunny Madrid has its own cherry trees so relax at El Parque de los Quintos which can offer to your eyes many cherry trees.

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#15. ROME, Italy (location visited)

  • You can see the cherry tree in bloom also in Italy if you go to Rome at the Parco Lago dell’EUR.

#16. PRAGUE, Czech Republic (location visited)

  • On the Petrin Hill you can enjoy the full blooming cherries of Petrin Park is in spring blooming with thousands of trees.

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So that’s all for now, next post will be dedicated to the location on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in North Americas cities. Hope you enjoy it.


Well, as many people like me, I am a choccolate lover, expecially for the dark chocolate that for me is the finest choccolate in the world. I also love to travel for pleasure and for work so I made the Top 5 Destinations list for the choccolate lovers in Europe, I can guaratee for every places cause I had visited everyone of the city.

For some, the transformation of cocoa into chocolate is a long and complex process that in the end gives birth to chocolate, for others it’s simply art. The world’s finest chocolatiers are making magic with the cocoa beans, luring connoisseurs from all over the world in their classy high-end chocolate boutiques. Let’s see where we can find the best.

1. Brussels, Belgium

It might have been discovered by the Mesoamerican people, brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors and perfected by the Swiss, but today, there’s certainly no better place to indulge your passion for it than in Belgium – the world’s undisputed chocolate empire.

With more upmarket chocolateries per square meter than any other city in the world, it’s no wonder Brussels is a must for any sweet tooth. The city’s beautiful historic streets are packed with all sorts of chocolate shops and luxury boutiques led by the world’s most prestigious chocolatiers. Wittamer, Jean Galler, Passion Chocolat and Pierre Marcolini, along with Brussels’ lesser-known, but equally creative independent chocolate masters, lure thousands of connoisseurs from all over the world with their secret oh-so-delicious recipes. For a more deep and intense experience, however, you can book a chocolate tour (Brussels offers plenty of them) or visit the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, where you can learn about the history of this delightful sweet and its elaborate making process.

2. Paris, France

Paris is one of the world’s gourmet capitals, so it’s no surprise that almost any neighborhood in the City of Lights has its fair share of chocolate shops, ranging from charming independent boutiques to famous chains and awarded artisan chocolatiers renowned worldwide for excellence and innovation.

After the love and the lights, Paris is about to become the City of Dark Chocolate, and for good reason. The French capital is taken by storm by a new breed of Parisian chocolatiers distinguished for making real miracles from the beans of cocoa. They use high-quality ingredients and original recipes, and when it comes to presentation, the French sophistication speaks for itself. Among the most exclusive chocolate boutiques and artists in Paris are: Jean-Paul Hevin, who transformed his tea room on rue Saint-Honore into a sleek cocoa bar; Christian Constant, known for fashioning some of the finest chocolates in the world; Pierre Herme on rue Bonaparte and Michel Chaudun, considered one of the finest chocolate artists. His gorgeous shop lies in the 7th arrondissement on rue de l’Universite. An old favorite, La Maison du Chocolat welcomes chocolate lovers with a refined selection of ganaches, mouth-watering truffles and glossy pralines, in not less than 10 luxury shops spread across Paris, from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the Carrousel du Louvre and beyond. Nevertheless, one of the best places in Paris to indulge in chocolate is the charming 6th arrondissement, on the left bank of the Seine, particularly the Saint-Germain area, where you can find the prestigious chocolateries of Patrick Roger, Richart and Pierre Marcolini. Additionally, you can entice your taste buds with a visit to the Gourmet Chocolate Museum – Choco Story or with a guided walking tour of the best Parisian chocolatiers.

3. The Chocolate Valley, Tuscany

The mesmerizing Italian countryside never ceases to surprise. Not many know, but Tuscany, the land of rolling hills and divine wines, bears a strong passion for chocolate, as well. Known as The Chocolate Valley, the triangle formed between Florence, Pisa and Montecatini is peppered with numerous small factories and delightful gourmet shops, all dedicated to the Food of the Gods.

A visit here will offer you the unparalleled opportunity to celebrate your passion for chocolate with an unforgettable Tuscan experience. Any tour should start with a visit to (Agliana) the hometown of Roberto Catinari, the man who founded the Tuscan chocolate movement back in the 70’s. The small town of Agliana is animated by Mannori Espace chocolate laboratory and Catinari’s Arte del Chocolato shops, whose shelves are teeming with more than 120 different kinds of pralines and deliciously filled chocolates.
Other famous chocolateries in the area include the delightful Slitti shop in the spa resort of Monsummano Terme; the highly-awarded Amadei in the tiny hamlet of Cascina, as well as the elegant chocolate shops of Salza and DeBondt, both located in Pisa.

4. London, UK

Royal, fashionable and utterly ingenious, London prides itself with some of the most exquisite chocolate boutiques in the world and a gorgeous Festival of Chocolate, held each year at Southbank Centre Square. Paul A Young, Hotel Chocolat and Rococo are just a few of the prestigious names that dominate the City’s elaborate chocolate scene, but your experience here can go far beyond the usual chocolate tour. Suggestively named “Confessions of a Chocoholic”, the Chocolate Afternoon Tea served daily in the Podium Restaurant at The London Hilton on Park Lane is a feast for eye and palate.

Other interesting destinations are Harrods Chocolate Bar in Harrods Department Store and The Chocolate Museum in Brixton, where you can learn about the history of chocolate, indulge in a wonderful menu of hot chocolates and participate in various chocolate workshops. And since you are in London, conveyed here by your strong passion for chocolate, it would be a pity not to take the train to Birmingham’ fabulous Cadbury World.

5. Zurich, Switzerland

There’s certainly no better place to indulge in smooth milk chocolate than Zurich, the capital of the country where it was invented. One of the city’s major attractions, Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory offers a museum charting the company’s history, an entertaining tour and plenty of free chocolate tasting. This is a good, inexpensive way to immerse yourself in the city’s fabulous chocolate culture, but it doesn’t even compare with all the treats that Zurich can offer to a chocoholic. The real adventure begins on the famous Bahnhofstrasse, the trendiest and most expensive street in Zurich, where besides Luis Vuitton, Chanel and Armani, you’ll find some of the best makers of chocolate in the world. The finest of all, Teuscher, welcomes you in a charming old-fashioned chocolate shop with over a hundred of different specialties, all made according to their traditional chemicals-free recipes. Teuscher is often regarded as the best chocolatiers in the world, and is famous for two things: it makes the most exquisite Champagne Truffles and the smoothest dark chocolate. The Champagne Truffles are its signature confections and they are made with Don Perignon champagne, butter cream and an utterly delicious dark ganache. On the same Bahnhofstrasse lies Zurich’s most famous confiserie – Sprungli. Their lovely historical café it’s been known as one of the few places where Swiss upper-class ladies could socialize with strangers without putting in danger their reputation. The legend still prevails today, and even though their luxurious chocolates are not hand manufactured, the experience worth the splurge.

However, for the ultimate indulgence, Switzerland offers a very special treat for the lovers of chocolate – the Chocolate Train. From July to October you have the opportunity to embark in one of the sweetest and most scenic train rides. The daylong trip begins in the enchanting Montreux (about 2 hours from Zurich), on the Swiss Riviera and caries you through some of the most spectacular Alpine scenery in the world. Highlights of the journey include a visit to the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc, where you’ll taste some delicious chocolate treats, and a short rewarding break in Gruyeres that will offer you the chance to visit a cheese-making factory and explore the picturesque surroundings.

These are my picks for the world’s best destinations for chocolate lovers, but some others may include: Oxaca, Mexico, where the streets are still overflowing with mole (their traditional chocolate sauce) and lip-smacking handmade chocolates; the tiny coastal town of Villajoyosa in Alicante – Spain’s Chocolate City par excellence; and Barcelona, a city with a rich chocolate heritage that invented the chocolate making machine and gave birth to masters such as Simon Coll and Antoni Amatller. Portland (Oregon), Cologne (Germany) and the San Francisco Bay Area deserve special mentions due to their great amount of quality chocolate shops.


Well this is the first post of a two acts story: first act is a tragedy and second is a comedy.

I want to describe a Psycho night that I passed in Trieste. First in Italy during autumn and winters is cold but not too much, I meant it’s not Siberia’ temperature. But during a night some weeks ago Trieste was very cold, more cold than the coldest place of the universe. I arrived at the hotel very tired and very late night: I went to Trieste for two days for tourism ( I would saw a exhibition in the city and then visit the near areas) so after the exhibition I would sleep a very restoring night. When I come in the room I saw that the window was opened: I mean a window open in a autumnal night with outside temperature of 11 Celsius degrees. Gosh! The room was cold like the ice, I close the window but I have to wait many hours to increase the temperature. By the way in the meantime I went to wash my teeth and be ready to sleep. When I was going in the bathroom I discover that the water tap wasn’t closed and a little but continued river of water was going down the water tap, I tried to close the tap but no way!!! The water tap didn’t want stop the water. And when I need a paper towel I noted that the dispenser for the paper towel was empty! And to tell the truth it seems empty from eras because there was a layer of grey dust that coated the metal of the dispenser. I thought that every of that little and invisible problems may be summed to create a very fastidious night. But unfortunately that was only the beginning of the night….

As I told previously the room was cold, I decide to open the air conditioning heating system and when I looked at the thermostat I noted that the buttons are broken so there was no way to regulate temperature and it was locked at 10 degrees. I swear that is the truth: I went to sleep dressed with trousers and shirt. After a couple of hours waiting in the dark to be able to asleep myself I decide to wear also the socks because my feet were cold like snow, one hour after I look to the clock asking me why I wasn’t unable to sleep and I wear the gloves, the leather jacket and the scaf, but no way! Too cold to sleep but also too cold to stay imobile, 3 A.M. and I couldn’t sleep so let’s go down. I went to the reception to complain but when I go outside my room I frosted myself in the corridor, in the lift and in the hall, everywhere in the hotel was bloody cold! A 4 stars hotel with the conditioning out of order!? The receptionist told me that they couldn’t open the hot air conditioner because they need an authorization from the municipality and autumn was too early and too hot so the municipal didn’t give they the authorization. No man this isn’t hot, or by the way that kind of hot and good weather was very far from my idea of hot and good weather and also your hotel is very far from my idea of hotel probably it’s maybe near to the Hitchcock’s idea of hotel, do you know Psycho and the Bate’s Motel?

I went back in my room and I tried to search a coat but there was no trace of coat or similar items and the cold was biting me hard! Went down again and asked for a coat: I waited half an hour on my feet and then I receive a very old and a little stinky coat, you know that kind of old closed wardrobe stinks mixed with mold and dog smell it remember me the smell of my grandma lining, but in my situation the very old coat became a very old and blessed coat.

Finally I was able to asleep me, but at 6 A.M. o’clock I woke me up completely frosted like a penguin, I decided to wait the 8 A.M. wake up call already woken. Lay on the bed waiting that the “Black Madam” gives me the final kiss freezing me to death. After one hour the tiny but continued river that goes out from the water tap became a fastidious obsession: trying to ignore the sound I fixed my attention on it, second after second, liter after liter I might feel the water on my head, and then inside my head, like a flood.

I pick up my luggage and checked out at the reception waiting the morning in the hall, fastidious isn’t it…?