This post is one of the three post about my travel odysees: the first in Alicante, another time happened in Canada and the last adventure happened in Berlin. Down there I’ll describe what happened in Alicante.

The plane landed well and the first two days pased safe and in relax on the Costa Blanca. I stayed on the beach, strolled on the city, tasted the Spanish food expecially Orciata, eat the fried squid that in Alicante are fresh from the sea and very cheap, saw many intresting historical landmarks like the Santa Barbara’s castle, visited the Parc El Palmeral and then unfortunatelly eat the tipical food Paella that wasn’t fresh as it seems…so I got one of the worst food intoxications of my life! One night all the night staying too bad to imagine that the next day I must to jump on my plane for the return flight. At the end of the night, I was passing every minute with the desire to go to the hospital, I tryed to book another day at the hotel but there are no free rooms! So I was forced to take my luggage and go to the airport. I was feeling sick, terribly sick, but I finded the right terminal and the right gate, I passed the security controls  feeling myself as a ghost or a zombie. When I arrived on the plane I made all the flight with low blood pressure. By the way I had finded the energy to buy at the ariport a set of 8 Alicante Icon Mugs: one for me and seven for trade. There are only one Starbucks in all Alicante and it is at the departue zone of the airport after security check so I could have acces to it only when I left the city at the end of my vacantion.


I swear that I will never again eat paella, never! I eat paella many times but the last time was terrible so now I’m totally unable to see or eat the paella. That’s all folks from my first bad adventure!