For the 8th of March I would describe three kind of woman that impressed me for some of their manners or personality sides. I will take some example from the tv series that I most like and I will describe the kind of woman that I like and that inspired me for my life.

Here I would explain which kind of style I usually wear and which are my sources of inspirations. I like to watch tv series in my free time and of course sometimes I take example from the woman characters for some dress, shoes or work suit. I like to watch crime series and legal police procedural series.

Chief Johnson portrayed by Kyra Sedgwick during an after investigation breackfast in her office.

I like a lot Kyra Sedgwick when she join the role of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in The Closer because I am a lover of her flowered and colored dress and I literally love her black tote bag, I have a bag like that and I use it every day for every occasion, I think that is a must have for a woman. I also like to wear dresses and skirt like Brenda because I think that a girl must always preserve some elegant and womanly details in her look, so in my free time when I go out to stroll in the city or only to go to take some food at the supermarket I wear dress and heels. I also love her “always happy and honeyed Georgia cadence” that is Brenda’s trademark and her favorite catch phrase is “thank you, thank you so much” with her nice and delicate voice but she mean “bye bye I hope you’ll go to hell damn idiot” she is always kind and gentle but she always said what she wanna said and she is elegant and beautiful but also strong and powerful, she is determinated without renouncing to her woman and sweet side. She loves routine, and she’s work addicted following every aspects of her investigations very closely and excluding everything and everyone around her. She never forget to be sweet but she’s always strong, there is many women in the police series but I think that Sedgwick character’s is became so popular because she’s different from the others.

brenda leigh johnson episode 1 - copie

On first episode

I also like to watch Rizzoli&Isles because I am a huge fan of Angie Harmon the actress that plays the role of Detective Jane Rizzoli, I watched also Women’s Murder Club another series with the same actress that run the role of Detective Lindsay Boxer, she debuted in the crime tv series with the role of ADA Abbie Carmichael in Law&Order. In my opinion it doesn’t matter which role Harmon plays or at which age she never age and has a physical appearance that it’s beautiful and shine in everyone of hers versions. It’s like the black, she never age.

A very young Harmon playing the role of ADA Abbie Carmichael (1998-2000) on the left and Detective Lindsay Boxer (2007-2008) on right.

I like the character of those actress because they are always strong, all of those women are ” I know what I want and who I am” women. They are determinated, on career, and they reflect some aspects of my personality because I am determinated and I like to be strong and gain my goals alone without the help of the others people, sometimes being also a little bit rude but not too much. I also love their fashion style, opposite of the womanly dresses and heels of the Chief Johnson but anyway elegant with their work suits of pants and blazer over a white shirt or a more sporty t-shirt, I like that style because I usually use that fashion format at work, and of course I like her not too much make up that she use, black mascara with black eye pencil and eyeliner plus transparent or pearl lipgloss. In addition to that I like her natural wavy hairstyle, elegant styled but without becoming too artificial and high maintenance, it’s fitted for the character and it’s elegant and beautiful for everyone in the reality because it’s adapted to every occasion.

img2.JPGAngie Harmon playing Detective Jane Rizzoli from Rizzoli&Isles (2010-2016)

Finally I would describe my absolute favorite character: Lilly Rush the detective of the Homicide Division on Cold Case series portrayed by Kathryn Morris. Since I was young I watched every episodes and growin I decided to wear like Det. Rush because I always liked black, grey and navy blue of her trousers and blazers in contrast of the bright color of her classical shirt like lilac, white, pearl grey, baby pink. But she also wear black on black or grey on navy blue, brown, bordeaux, that emphasize her fair skin and blonde hair with clear blue eyes and I am a fair skin girl with mixed blue, grey, green eyes and dust blonde hair with copper highlights.



Morris on set of Cold Case playing Det. Lilly Rush.

I also like the personality of the character because she comes from a dysfunctional family situation and a rough area of her city but she is very balanced and rational with a strong and independent personality that gives her the possibility to obtain more success in her police career but at the same time she has the necessary compassion to work at the cold cases and deal with the victims and families with genuine empathy. I appreciate also her passion to seek truth at every costs because for me in the people life truth is one of the most important things. She lacks on the personal relationship, and she became a cop after being victim of a crime during her first years, I appreciate that, because she suffer a trauma but she was able to process the trauma in a positive and constructive way choosing to became a police office and not becameing an unrealized depressed person locked in her past experience, like a flower that bloom after the cold winter.

So to summarize I describe three fictional characters that impressed and inspired me a lot for their fashion style, aspects, attitude, life decision, personal life or with a significant trademark in their personality portrait.


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